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Christopher M. Ryan, Thie Kind of Ruckus, Fairfax Studio, Victorian Arts Centre, Melbourne. FULL TILT at the Arts Centre presents version 1.0's, (2010). Further information from the versiononepointzero website available here. Download here a video of the performance of This Kind of Ruckus.



Research background

version 1.0 is an ensemble of artists who make performance through collaboration, investigating and also enacting democracy. ‘This Kind Of Ruckus’ is an exploration of sexual violence in contemporary culture, using the performers’ own stories as well as drawing on reports of high-profile sexual assault scandals involving rugby league players.

Research contribution

1.0's unique collaborative process was expanded with this production to include three dramaturges: Deborah Pollard, Christopher Ryan and Yana Taylor. The emergent dialogues initiated a development of performance strategies that have been described as an unsettling combination of installation and the theatrical, which employ video and sound in conjunction with live performance in compelling and unsettling ways.

Research significance

Developed with support from Performance Space. version 1.0 inc. and this project were assisted by the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW, and the Department of Performance Studies at the University of Sydney. It premiered at Performance Space, CarriageWorks in September 2009 and toured to FULL TILT @ The Arts Centre, Melbourne; NORPA @ Lismore City Hall, NSW, and Norwood Concert Hall, Norwood, Adelaide. Winner of Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production, 2010 Helpmann Award, ‘This Kind of Ruckus’ was extensively reviewed in the mainstream press as well as key blogs such as Alison Croggon’s Theatre Notes.





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