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Redgate, J. (2004). Jacky Redgate: Survey Survey 1980 - 2003. Exhibition 3. The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Porter Street Parkside : The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia.



Research Background
Project #6 in the series CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ART PROJECTS SA 2004, the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Adelaide (CACSA) presented the last of three exhibitions surveying Redgate’s from work 1980 – 2003 (3-part survey –Exhibition 3, 30 July – 29 August 2004). Commissioned because of Redgate’s extensive 25 year exhibition history that includes major group and numerous solo exhibitions presented nationally and internationally, with works held in major public, corporate and private collections worldwide, these exhibitions at CACSA represent an important body of work by one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists.

Research Contribution
Following Exhibition One’s photographic series, ‘Photographer Unknown’, a portrait chronicle of photographs, England 1953-1962; ‘Naar het Schilder-Boeck’; ‘Work-To-Rule’ and ‘Taming-the-Spectrum’; and Exhibition Two’s sculptural work, ‘Equal Solids – volume 25, 196,000 cubic mm each’; ‘Fountain’ and ‘French Windower’, the final exhibition comprehensively surveyed Redgate’s prolific art practice with over sixty works including: the photographic series, “A Picture is No Substitute for Anything” (1996), ‘Life of the System’ (1998), ‘Untitled Day’ (2000) and STRAIGHTCUT (2002-2003).

Research Significance
This survey, complemented by a monograph and an Artist’s Residency in Adelaide in conjunction with the School of Art, University of South Australia, was CACSA's first major career-presentation of an Australian artist, and Redgate’s first major exhibition in Adelaide. The exhibition received support from the University of Wollongong and the National Association for the Visual Arts with financial assistance from the NSW Government Ministry for the Arts and the Gordon Darling Foundation.