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Creative Work

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Redgate, J. (2004). Jacky Redgate: Survey 1980 - 2003. Exhbition 2. The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Porter Street Parkside : The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia.



Research Background
As Project #5 in the series CONTEMPORARY VISUAL ART PROJECTS SA 2004, the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA) presented the second of three exhibitions surveying Redgate’s work (3-part survey – Exhibition 2, 11 June – 18 July, 2004).

Research Contribution
Following the launch of the Survey in April with the first exhibition of early photo series, the second Survey exhibition presented a number of major three-dimensional bodies of work, including several ‘untitled’ series including “Equal Solids - volume 25, 196,000 cubic mm each”; ‘Fountain’ and ‘French Windower’; and ‘Hungry Birds’, which were key pieces in investigations into received perceptions and media.

Research Significance
This survey, complemented by a monograph later in the year and an Artist Residency in Adelaide in conjunction with the School of Art, University of South Australia, was CACSA's first major career-presentation of an Australian artist, and was my first major exhibition in Adelaide. The exhibition received support from the University of Wollongong; National Association for the Visual Arts with financial assistance from the NSW Government Ministry for the Arts and the Gordon Darling Foundation.