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Creative Work

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Lucas M. Ihlein, To follow things as I encounter them: Blogging, art and attention, 127 Prince (online journal), 14 May 2010. Original article here.



Research Background

As artists are increasingly using the internet as a medium for creating and documenting art, there is a need for in-depth analysis of the way that artworks function in this field. This essay examines two case studies of Australian artists who employ blogging as a method of artmaking. Ihlein was invited to contribute the essay to online journal 127 Prince, established in 2010 to present and examine ideas on the art of social practice, and the social practice of art.

Research Contribution

The essay extends contemporary understandings of performative or ‘live’ art practices by considering how blogging allows for an integration of the documentation process into the making of the art object itself. The essay is an extension of Ihlein's foundational work on this subject in his PhD thesis entitled ‘Framing Everyday Experience: Blogging as Art’ (Deakin, 2009).

Research Significance

The paper has been included in the required readings for the subject “ARTH 661 Contemporary Art & Criticism 2 (Material Traces: The Body, Performance, and the Archive in Contemporary Art)” taught by Amelia Jones/ Professor/Grierson Chair in Visual Culture, Department of Art History & Communication Studies, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.