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Mackie, V. C. 2009, ''Gender and the Rhetoric of Occupation'', in C. M. De Matos & R. Gerster (eds), Occupying the Other: Australia and Military Occupations from Japan to Iraq, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle on Tyne. pp. 80-106.


For some years scholars have been exploring the gendered dimensions of international relations. This involves looking at several issues. Some scholars look at the gendered assumptions behind international relations; others explore the extent to which men and women participate in the practice of different aspects of the relations between nations. For some, the use of gendered metaphors of international relations has been of interest. All of these different aspects of the gendering of international relations influence and inform each other. In this chapter I will consider the operation of gendered metaphors in situations of military occupation. I will consider the cultural work that is done by these gendered metaphors, or in other words, how such metaphors mediate our understanding of the relationships between nations, and the relationships between individuals from these nations. This will be used to frame a discussion of the relationship between Japan and Australia in the twentieth century, and will provide historical context for a close reading of some documents from the military occupation of Japan.