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Jacky Redgate, Light Throw (Mirrors) - a series of C-Type photographs (hand-printed from original negative), facemount to UV perspex, approximatley 158 x 162 cm, in Mirror Mirror : Then and Now [exhibition], Institute of Modern Art, Adelaide, 2009. See here for additional works in the series; information on the exhibition can be found here.



Research Background

Jacky Redgate’s work, Light Throw (Mirrors) 1 (2009) is a C-Type photograph (155 x 126 cm) is the first in a new body of work. It was made specifically for the exhibition, Mirror Mirror: Then and Now, curated by Ann Stephen, which is a joint project with the University Art Gallery, University of Sydney, in association with Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide.

Research Contribution

‘Some contemporary mirror-works continue to evoke connections to forms of modernist painting. Jacky Redgate's Light Throw (Mirrors) I (2006–9) recalls certain momentous events in twentieth-century abstraction, from the early Farbenlichte-Spiele experiments of Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack to the blurred paintings of Gerhard Richter.’ (catalogue essay, Jumping Through Mirrors Mirror Mirror: Then and Now (2009).

Research Significance

‘‘Mirror Mirror: Then and Now extends beyond the company of 1960s and ʼ70s international minimal-conceptual artists by including contemporary Australian artists who reference and play with their legacy’ (Senior Curator, Ann Stephen Catalogue essay ‘Jumping through the Mirror’, Mirror Mirror: Then and Now). Mirror Mirror: Then and Now, exhibited at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, the University Art Gallery, Verge Gallery and Tin Sheds at the University of Sydney, and the Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide. The publication was supported by a grant from the Gordon Darling Foundation.

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Light Throw (Mirrors)