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Creative Work

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Penelope Harris, Doubt's Garden [exhibition], Galerie Art Mur, 7 - 26 May 2009, Montreal, Canada. Refer attached exhibition summary here.



Research Background

This series of cast bronze, found forms sought to further develop the lost wax casting process with a particular emphasis on using found organic objects and combustible forms. The work also develops the palette of colours used to patina the metal. It explores narrative through the poetics of object-based installation, and their transformed materiality. This exhibition was the third in a series that drew inspiration from Gunter Grass’s ‘From the Diary of a Snail’ (1974) to create a garden of kitchen refuse cast in bronze for the central character of the story, Doubt.

Research Contribution

This body of work was produced in the expanded field of sculptural metal casting, addressing the relationship between the permanent and the ephemeral, the transformation of materials, and the evocation of story in sculptural form. The casting technique contributes to metal casting knowledge through working with very fine ephemeral objects, and in the further evolution of the ‘spruing’ system that allows metal to run into fine thin crevices within the mould. Additionally experimentation with patina recipes is innovative in terms of developing a broad range of complex colours and surfaces on the metal.

Research Significance

'Doubt's Garden' was made enabled through an invitation to undertake an artist in residence program at the Hexagram Institute for Research Creation in Media Arts and Technology in Montreal, Canada. During the residency Harris worked in the Rapid Prototyping Lab developing further research exploring the material transformation of objects.