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This article is about what ruling-class men do in their daily lives. How do they invest, pass or spend their time? We are not dealing here with the 'everyday', but with the exceptional life conditions and activities of the richest and most powerful fraction of men in the world: say, the richest one to five per cent, whose interests and decisions so widely determine, that is rule, the conditions and activities of the rest of us. A 1996 United Nations Human Development Report identifies 358 men whose wealth equals the combined income of 2.3 billion people, forty-five per cent of the world's population. Most such people are, of course, men. It takes a very special masculinity, however, to maintain this rule, and many years of work - of servants and educators and many other people, directed by parents - go into producing this. Here we deal, however, not with the lifetimes of ruling-class men, their life courses, which is the subject for a whole book, but with their daily lives.