Effect of delta-ferrite co-existence on hot deformation and recrystallization of austenite



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Dehghan-Manshadi, A. & Hodgson, P. D. (2008). Effect of delta-ferrite co-existence on hot deformation and recrystallization of austenite. Journal of Materials Science, 43 (18), 6272-6277.


This work evaluates the effect of co-existence of a large volume fraction of delta-ferrite on the hot deformation and dynamic recrystallization (DRX) of austenite using comparative hot torsion tests on AISI 304 austenitic and 2205 duplex stainless steels. The comparison was performed under similar deformation conditions (i.e. temperature and strain rate) and also under similar Zener-Hollomon, Z, values. The torsion data were combined with electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) analysis to study the microstructure development. The results imply a considerable difference between DRX mechanisms, austenite grain sizes and also DRX kinetics of two steels. Whereas austenitic stainless steel shows the start of DRX at very low strains and then development of that microstructure based on the necklace structure, the DRX phenomena in the austenite phase of duplex structure does not proceed to a very high fraction. Also, the DRX kinetics in the austenitic steel are much higher than the austenite phase of the duplex steel. The results suggest that at a similar deformation condition the DRX grain size of austenitic steel is almost three times larger than the DRX grains of austenite phase in duplex steel. Similarly, the ratio of DRX grain size in the austenitic to the duplex structure at the same Z values is about 1.5.

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