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Callaghan, M. D., Humphries, S., Law, M., Li, H. & Yeung, W. (2010). Evaluation of high temperature fatigue behaviour of P22 by miniature specimen testing. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Processing and Manufacturing of-THERMEC’2009, 25-29 Aug, 2009, Berlin, Germany. Materials Science Forum, 638-642 (N/A), 3937-3942.


Miniature specimen testing to evaluate mechanical properties, presents a novel opportunity to undertake structural integrity assessments of in-service power generation components, by removing only a very small volume of material. In this study, high temperature fatigue testing of P22 steel was undertaken and a number of fatigue properties determined using a miniature specimen testing methodology. Good comparisons were observed between fatigue properties determined by miniature specimens and the more established standard-sized specimen testing reported in literature.

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