Devitrification studies of Mg60Cu29Gd11 bulk metallic glass



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East, D., Reid, M., Gibson, M., Dippenaar, R. J. & O'Donnell, R. (2010). Devitrification studies of Mg60Cu29Gd11 bulk metallic glass. A. Morton & J. Nie In PRIMCM 7: The Seventh Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing, 2-6 August, Cairns, Australia. Materials Science Forum, vol.654-656, pp1082-1085.


The application of moderate cooling rates to metal alloys of certain composition can generate metals that exhibit an amorphous microstructure on a bulk scale. This phenomenon is related to the avoidance of the nucleation of the competing crystalline phases associated with the alloy during solidification. This work describes the devitrification behaviour of the bulk glass forming Mg60Cu29Gd11 system through the use of a number of analytical techniques including DSC, laser confocal microscopy, SEM and XRD. Attention is drawn to the correlation between the more common analytical techniques and the observation of phase transformations on the surface of the metal, evident using a laser scanning confocal microscope fitted with a heating stage.

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