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Dou, S. Xue., Soltanian, S., Horvat, J., Wang, X., Zhou, S., Ionescu, M., Liu, H. K., Munroe, P. G. & Tomsic, M. (2002). Enhancement of the critical current density and flux pinning of MgB2 superconductor by nanoparticle SiC doping. Applied Physics Letters, 81 (18), 3419-3421.


Doping of MgB2 by nano-SiC and its potential for the improvement of flux pinning were studied for MgB2–x(SiC)x/2 with x = 0, 0.2, and 0.3 and for 10 wt % nano-SiC-doped MgB2 samples. Cosubstitution of B by Si and C counterbalanced the effects of single-element doping, decreasing Tc by only 1.5 K, introducing intragrain pinning centers effective at high fields and temperatures, and significantly enhancing Jc and Hirr. Compared to the undoped sample, Jc for the 10 wt % doped sample increased by a factor of 32 at 5 K and 8 T, 42 at 20 K and 5 T, and 14 at 30 K and 2 T. At 20 K and 2 T, the Jc for the doped sample was 2.4×105 A/cm2, which is comparable to Jc values for the best Ag/Bi-2223 tapes. At 20 K and 4 T, Jc was twice as high as for the best MgB2 thin films and an order of magnitude higher than for the best Fe/MgB2 tapes. The magnetic Jc is consistent with the transport Jc which remains at 20 000 A/cm2 even at 10 T and 5 K for the doped sample, an order of magnitude higher than the undoped one. Because of such high performance, it is anticipated that the future MgB2 conductors will be made using a formula of MgBxSiyCz instead of pure MgB2.

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