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Quested, P., Brooks, R. & Monaghan, B. J. (2002). The Prediction of Thermophysical Properties for Modelling Solidification of Metallic Melts. In R. Aune & S. Sridhar (Eds.), Proceedings of the Mills Symposium (pp. 25-37). UK: National Physical Laboratory (NPL).


This paper briefly describes the philosophy of Ken Mills to give to industry recommended values for thermophysical properties at high temperatures with an indication of the uncertainty of measurement relevant to their processes. To achieve this Ken adopted what he called his three pronged attack: ' CrWcal~l' assess the data in the literatllre andaflempt to recommend rallies/or fhe properties. Construct equipment to make the relevant measurements and peliorlll experiments to understand inconsistencies in the literature values. bll'estigate models of properties to aid 1Inderstanding of the measurements and make realistic predictions of the properties. The paper outlines how his SLlccessors have attempted to continue in this tradition. Recent examples of work at the National Physical Laboratory are taken. These include the review of properties and the dissemination of the results to industry; the experimental facilities illustrated from the measurement of thermal diffusivity of iron: viscosity of metals: density and surillCe tension: and finally recent developments for modelling thermophysical properties.

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