General strength criterion for geometerials including anisotropic effect



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Liu, MD and Indraratna, B, General strength criterion for geometerials including anisotropic effect, International Journal of Geomechanics, 11(3), 2011, 251-262.


The strengths of geomaterials and their variation under different factors are investigated in this paper. First, a general isotropic variation of a strength criterion is proposed for describing the critical state and peak strengths of geomaterials. Second, the proposed criterion is extended to describe the effect of anisotropy on the peak strength. After an analysis of experimental data, the hypothesis is made that the failure of an element of geomaterial generally occurs in a particular plane when the applied shear stress in that plane reaches the shear resistance of the material. Therefore, the variation of the peak strength of anisotropic materials should be described in terms of the stress tensor applied, a vector parameter defining the position of the potential failure plane of the material, and the material properties. A general failure criterion for geomaterials with cross anisotropy is obtained then from the proposed isotropic strength criterion. The proposed criterion is demonstrated to well represent both the isotropic and anisotropic strengths of various geomaterials. Finally, a general anisotropic criterion is introduced.

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