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Rujikiatkamjorn, C and Indraratna, B, Design procedure for vertical drains considering a linear variation of lateral permeability within the smear zone, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 46(3), 2009, 270-280.


A system of vertical drains with surcharge preloading is an effective method for promoting radial drainage and accelerated soil consolidation. This study presents a procedure for the design of vertical drains that significantly extends the previous technique proposed by the authors to include: (i) a linear reduction of lateral permeability in the smear zone, (ii) the effect of overlapping smear zones in a closely spaced drain network, and (iii) the gain in undrained shear strength due to consolidation. Design examples are provided for both single stage and multi-stage embankment construction demonstrating the convenient use of the proposed solutions in practical situations.

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