Numerical and experimental study of tree influence on the ground



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Fatahi, B, Indraratna, B and Khabbaz, M, Numerical and experimental study of tree influence on the ground, In A. Alshawabkeh, A, Reddy, K & Khire, M(eds), Characterization, Monitoring, and Modeling of Geosystems: Proceedings of Sessions of Geocongress 2008, 694-701, Reston, Va: Geo-Institute of The American Society of Civil Engineers.


A mathematical model for the rate of root water uptake has been developed considering ground conditions, type of vegetation and climatic parameters. The three independent features in the root water uptake model incorporated in detail are soil suction, root distribution, and potential transpiration. A two dimensional finite element approach has been employed to solve the transient coupled flow and deformation equations in vicinity of a tree. To validate the model, an array of field measurements and the data have been compared with the numerical predictions. The predicted results acquired from the numerical analysis have been compared favourably with the field and the associated laboratory measurements, justifying the assumptions upon which the model has been developed.

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