A new elasto-plastic constitutive model for granular aggregates incorporating particle breakage



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Salim, W and Indraratna, B, A new elasto-plastic constitutive model for granular aggregates incorporating particle breakage, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 41, 2004, 657-671.


A new elastoplastic stress-strain constitutive model is developed for granular coarse aggregates incorporating the degradation of particles during triaxial shearing. Coarse granular aggregates are subjected to breakage during excessive stress changes. Most of the available constitutive models do not consider the degradation of particles during shearing. In the current model, a plastic flow rule has been developed incorporating the energy consumption due to particle breakage during shear deformation. A non-associated flow and a kinematic type yield locus have been adopted in the model. A general formulation for the rate of particle breakage during shearing has been developed and incorporated in the plastic flow rule. The effects of particle breakage on the plastic distortional and volumetric deformations are incorporated in the current model. The stress-strain formulations are developed within the general critical state framework. The model can accurately predict the stres-strain and volume change behaviour of coarse granular aggregates. The plastic dilation and contraction features of coarse aggregates at various confining pressures are well captured, and the strain-hardening and post-peak strain-softening behaviour of coarse granular media is adequately represented. A particular feature of the model is its capability to predict the degree of particle breakage at any stage of shear deformation.

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