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This paper originally appeared as: Rosenfeld, AB, Siegbahn, EA, Bruaer-Krish, E et al, Edge-on face-to-face MOSFET for synchrotron microbeam dosimetry: MC modeling, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, December 2005, 52(6)1, 2562-2569. Copyright IEEE 2005.


The dosimetry of X-ray microbeams using MOSFETs results in an asymmetrical beam profile due to a lack of lateral charged particle equilibrium. Monte Carlo simulations were carried out using PENELOPE and GEANT4 codes to study this effect and a MOSFET on a micropositioner was scanned in the microbeam. Based on the simulations a new method of microbeam dosimetry is proposed. The proposed edge-on face-to-face (EOFF) MOSFET detector, a die arrangement proposed here for the first time, should alleviate the asymmetry. Further improvement is possible by thinning the silicon body of the MOSFET.

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