Plane-strain lateral consolidation with non-Darcian flow



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Sathananthan, I and Indraratna, B, Plane-strain lateral consolidation with non-Darcian flow, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 43(2), 2006, 119-133.


New plane-strain lateral consolidation equations are formulated that neglect the well resistance of vertical drains but are applicable for both Darcian and non-Darcian flow. The results of consolidation analyses using conventional Darcian (linear) flow and the new solution based on non-Darcian (exponential) flow are compared. A good match has been obtained between equivalent plane-strain and axisymmetric solutions. The advantage of the equivalent plane-strain procedure is that it not only matches the average degree of radial (axisymmetric) consolidation but also yields a more realistic excess pore pressure distribution in the lateral direction than the Darcian flow condition. The relevant parameters are illustrated graphically for convenience. Good agreement was obtained between the prediction of the new equivalent plane-strain solution and field data from a test area in Ska-Edeby, Sweden.Key words: plane strain, consolidation, soft clay, vertical drains.

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