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Dogan, N., Brooks, G. A. & Rhamdhani, M. A. (2010). Kinetics of decarburization reaction in oxygen steelmaking process. High temperature Processing Symposium (pp. 9-11). Melbourne: Swinburne University of Technology.


The steelmaking process is complex since it involves simultaneous multi-phase (solidgas- liquid) interactions, chemical reactions, heat and mass transfer and complex flow patterns at high temperatures. The transient nature of the process also adds more complexities and the severe operating conditions inhibit the direct measurement and observation of the process. This difficulty can be addressed by developing models, which make it possible to describe the complicated nature of the process itself and to understand the interconnection of important process variables. A global model of oxygen steelmaking focusing on the overall decarburization of the process and including the new bloated droplet theory has been developed.

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