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Kiridena, S. B. & Singh, P. (2008). Strategic approach to operations management. In D. Samson & P. Singh (Eds.), Operations Management - an Integrated Approach (pp. 123-160). Melbourne: Cambridge University Press.


Learning objectives After reading this chapter you should be able to:

  • understand and interpret the concept of operations as part of organisational strategy and related analytical perspectives
  • understand and interpret the notion of competitive advantage and the nature of generic competitive strategies pursued by organisations
  • understand and appreciate the strategic role of the operations function and its contribution to the sustainable competitive advantage of the organisation
  • understand and describe the role of competitive priorities in operationalising strategy
  • discuss the concept of trade-offs as applied to key decisions and actions regarding the operations structure and infrastructure of an organisation
  • demonstrate your ability to apply the conceptual understanding developed as above to support managerial decisions and actions.

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