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This paper originally appeared as: Lerch, MLF, Rosenfeld, AB, Simmonds, PE et al, Spectral characterisation of a blue-enhanced silicon photodetector, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 15-20 October 2000, vol 1, 7/52-7/56. Copyright IEEE 2000.


In this work we report on spectral response data and gamma ray spectroscopy measurements using two newly developed silicon photodetectors that are designed to have enhanced sensitivity in the blue spectral region. The enhanced sensitivity is a result of our newly developed ion implantation profile used to create the active area of the photodetector. The quantum efficiency of the new photodetectors (without any optimised antireflective coating) has been measured to be ~40% at a wavelength of 420 nm. Gamma ray spectroscopy experiments have been performed using a CsI(Tl) and a LSO crystal excited by a 137Cs or 22Na source and read out by the new photodetectors. We have measured an energy resolution of 7.7% and 22.7% FWHM for the 662 keV gamma rays from a 137Cs for the CsI(Tl) and LSO scintillator crystal respectively. We intend to use the photodetectors, in the form of a detector array optically coupled to CsI(Tl) or LSO, in the development of a new scintillator detector module for use in positron emission tomography.

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