Direct Second-Order Analysis for the Design of Steel Structures



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Surovek, A., Camotim, D., Hajjar, J. F., Teh, L. H., White, D. W. & Ziemian, R. D. (2006). Direct Second-Order Analysis for the Design of Steel Structures. Proceedings of the 17th ASCE Structures Congress Reston, Virginia: American Society of Civil Engineers.


Basic guidelines are needed to aid engineers and structural analysis software developers in understanding the requirements for capturing member and system strength limit states within advanced analysis models. This paper discusses a current to develop proposed guidelines for the use of direct second‐order inelastic analysis for the design of planar steel frames. These guidelines, when completed, will provide the designer with guidance in analysis and modeling requirements, as well as design considerations (e.g. appropriate factors of safety) such that the behavior and strength of the overall system and limit states of individual members are checked concurrently without the need for individual specification member strength checks.

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