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Cutajar, D, Lerch, MLF, Takacs, GJ, Lee, B, Chin, Y, Bucci, J, Zaider, M, Zelefsky, M, Yamada, J, Cohen, G, Perevertaylo, V & Rosenfeld, AB, Urethral alarm probe for permanent prostate implants, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, S5, 2008, 455-457.


We have developed a urethral dosimetry system for real time dose verification along the urethra during permanent implant prostate brachytherapy. The urethral alarm probe uses “spectroscopic dosimetry” to calculate the dose rate along the urethra in real time. The application of spectroscopic dosimetry for the urethral alarm probe was verified using Monte Carlo calculations. In phantom depth dose measurements as well as isotropy measurements were performed to verify the usefulness of the urethra alarm probe as an in vivo real time dosimeter.

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