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Larchez, A. & Naghdy, F. (2005). Real time prediction of vehicle mirror vibration. In S. Nagalingam, M. Chiu & G. Lin (Eds.), International Manufacturing Leaders Forum. South Australia: Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Research.


The external and internal mirrors used particularly in high mass recreational and commercial vehicles are prone to vibrations. Under certain conditions, this leads to blurring of the reflected images above the tolerable levels for the human vision. While such vibrations are quite disturbing, they can compromise the driver's safety on the road. A hybrid adaptive predictive method is under development to dynamically compensate for the mirror vibrations under different driving conditions. The first stage of the work which consists of the development of an Auto-Regressive-Integrated-Moving-Average (ARIMA) model is reported. The progress made and the results obtained so far are provided.

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International Manufacturing Leaders Forum

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