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Wang, A., Tuniz, A., Hunt, P., Pogson, E., Lewis, R. A., Bendavid, A., Fleming, S., Kuhlmey, B. & Large, M. (2011). Fiber metamaterials with negative magnetic permeability in the terahertz. OPTICAL MATERIALS EXPRESS, 1 (1), 115-120.


We present a novel method for producing metamaterials with a terahertz magnetic response via fiber drawing, which can be inexpensively scaled up to mass production. We draw a centimeter preform to fiber, spool it, and partially sputter it with metal to produce extended slotted resonators. We characterize metamaterial fiber arrays with different orientations via terahertz time domain spectroscopy, observing distinct magnetic resonances between 0.3 and 0.4 THz, in excellent agreement with simulations. Numerical parameters retrieval techniques confirm that such metamaterials possess negative magnetic permeability. Combined with fiber-based negative permittivity materials, this will enable the development of the first woven negative index materials, as well as the fabrication of magnetic surface plasmon waveguides and subwavelength waveguides.

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