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Faisal Ibney Hai, Kazuo Yamamoto, Fumiyuki Nakajima and Kensuke Fukushi, Bioaugmented membrane bioreactor (MBR) with a GAC-packed zone for high rate textile wastewater treatment, Water Research, Volume 45, Issue 6, March 2011, Pages 2199-2206


The long-term performance of a bioaugmented membrane bioreactor (MBR) containing a GAC3 packed anaerobic zone for treatment of textile wastewater containing structurally different azo dyes was observed. A unique feeding strategy, consistent with the mode of evolution of separate waste streams in textile plants, was adopted to make the best use of the GAC-zone for dye removal. Dye was introduced through the GAC-zone while the rest of the colorless media was simultaneously fed through the aerobic zone. Preliminary experiments confirmed the importance of coupling the GAC amended anaerobic zone to the aerobic MBR and also evidenced the efficacy of the adopted feeding strategy. Following this, the robustness of the process under gradually increasing dye loading was tested. The respective average dye concentrations (mg/L) in the sample from GAC zone and the membrane-permeate under dye-loadings of 0.1 and 1 g/L.d were as follows: GAC zone (3, 105), permeate (0, 5). TOC concentration in membrane-permeate for the aforementioned loadings were 3 and 54 mg/L, respectively. Stable decoloration along with significant TOC removal during a period of over 7 months under extremely high dye-loadings demonstrated the superiority of the proposed hybrid process.

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