Structure-property relations of metallic materials with multiscale microstructures



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Yang, C., Sabirov, I., Mullins, J., Yazdipour, N., Asgari, A. & Hodgson, P. (2007). Structure-property relations of metallic materials with multiscale microstructures. Materials Forum, 31 177-185.


Nanostructured metals have higher strength than those of the coarse grained metals but suffer from the extremely limited ductility. Development of the multiscale microstructures can improve the ductility of these high strength materials due to the introduction of a specific range of grain sizes in micro level. The present work relates the multiscale microstructures in metals to their overall structure properties using a fractal theory and the modified mean-field method, where three microstructural parameters are introduced and thus mechanical properties such as strength and ductility are presented as a function of these microstructural parameters. Meanwhile, with the applications of the finite element method, the multiscale unit cell approach is also critically developed and applied with a focus on predicting the related stress-strain relations of the metals with multiscale microstructures. For verification of these proposed theoretical and numerical algorithms, the mechanical properties of the pure copper with three-grain microstructures are investigated and the results from FEA and theoretical solutions have a reasonable agreement.

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