Small-sized UV radiometer on the basis of schottky diodes



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Rosenfeld, A. B., Ryzhikov, V. D., Onyshchenko, G. M., Galkin, S. M., Opolonin, O. D., Lysetska, O. K., Perevertaylo, V. L., Piven, L. A., Voronkin, E. F. & Zenya, I. M. (2011). Small-sized UV radiometer on the basis of schottky diodes. Radiation Measurements, 46 (12), 1666-1670.


In this work, main characteristics are considered of photosensitive Schottky diode structures – n-type ZnSe(Te,X)/Ni, where Х = O or Al, which are promising as ultraviolet radiation detectors in the 200–480 nm range. The Schottky barrier-based sensors show good sensitivity in the short-wave regions of the ultraviolet range, are practically insensitive to solar radiation at wavelengths above ∼460 nm, have rather short response time (∼1 ns) and quantum efficiency of up to 70%. Typical values of the monochromatic current sensitivity Sλ in the 420–440 nm range is 0.1–0.15 А/W. Characteristics were studied of detectors using glass and interference light filters for singling out biologically active regions of A, B and C of ultraviolet spectrum. Testing results of our ultraviolet radiometer have shown that the developed experimental sample meets the requirements to the instruments of this class.

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