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Wang, S. & Ma, Z. (2010). Control strategies for variable speed pumps in super high-rise building. ASHRAE Journal, 52 (7), 36-43.


The article discusses the proposed alternative control strategy to test and simulate chilled water pumps energy in the building. The chilled water pipelines and terminal units are associated with condenser water pump and primary chilled water pump to transfer the cooling energy from low zones to high zones to avoid high water static pressure. Moreover, the original control strategy generates 12.02% to 16.01% of energy to heat exchangers and improve control strategy in practical applications.

"Two control strategies for variable speed pumps were tested in a super high-rise building in Hong Kong. (1) The 1,608 ft (490 m) high building has a floor area of 3.4 million [ft.sup.2] (321 000 [m.sup.2]). The basement is four floors, a block building is six floors and a tower building is 98 floors."

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