Beam test results of a CsI calorimeter matrix element



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Missaghian, J., Hurley, F., Bashkirov, V., Colby, B., Rykalin, V., Kachigiun, S., Fusi, D., Schulte, R., Mckinney, F., Sadrozinski, H. FW. & Penfold, S. (2010). Beam test results of a CsI calorimeter matrix element. Journal of Instrumentation, 5 (6), 1-12.


This paper presents the test results of a single element of a Cesium Iodide CsI(TI) crystal calorimeter matrix using proton beam energies of 35 MeV, 100 MeV and 200 MeV. The detector element was designed to comply with the demands of high energy resolution of a few percent and with a dynamic range of two orders of magnitude under a counting rate of 10 kHz per channel. The energy range investigated in the current work was an order of magnitude less than the design capability. The readout was provided by a 28 × 28 mm2 Hamamatsu S3584-08 photodiode coupled with the crystal through a silicone optical interface. A charge-sensitive preamplifier with low noise at high photodiode capacitance was chosen. We also report on the data acquired during crystal calibration with cosmic rays, and give a description of our data acquisition (DAQ) system.

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