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Goldfinch, T., Gardner, A., McCarthy, T., Henderson, A., Thomas, G. & Carew, A. L. (2010). A tool for online mechanics learning resource sharing. Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (pp. 448-607).


Many hours and dollars have been spent developing new resources to improve learning outcomes in engineering mechanics courses. While many of these have been developed into packaged learning systems, available for purchase by other universities, a large proportion are available free of charge for students looking to expand their study options. Over the past eighteen months, a group of engineering academics, through Australian Learning and Teaching Council funding, has been working to develop a way of guiding students towards these online engineering mechanics learning resources. One of the outcomes of this work is an online, database-driven directory of existing online learning resources which are free for students to use in independent study. The database guides students towards resources through a range of search criteria that resources have each been evaluated on, including: Depth of topic coverage; suitable study patterns; appropriate learner level; learning styles, etc. This paper details the development, features, and intended uses of the database. It presents a plan for researching the effect that guided access to additional online learning resources has on perceptions of learning in first year engineering mechanics courses. The authors also extend an invitation to other educators to contribute to the system and promote its use to students in their classes.

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