Behaviour of FRP wrapped circular reinforced concrete columns



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Hadi, M. N. & Yazici, V. (2009). Behaviour of FRP wrapped circular reinforced concrete columns. In N. Ghafoori (Eds.), 5th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference. Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions in Structural Engineering and Construction (pp. 215-220). London, UK: CRC Press.


Columns are generally under bending moment and axial load at the same time. Studies done on solid concrete columns under concentric loading have shown that FRP wrapping improves the strength and ductility of columns. This paper presents results of testing 16 reinforced concrete columns, 8 solid and 8 hollow, under different eccentricities. The height and the diameter of the columnswere 925mmand 205mmrespectively. Each group of sample columns was divided into two sub-groups. The first sub-groups served as a reference and did not have any external FRP wrapping. The second sub-groups were wrapped with three layers of Carbon FRP in the hoop direction. Sample columns were tested under concentric, eccentric (25 m and 50 mm) and pure bending loading. Axial load—bending moment interaction diagrams were constructed for each of the sub-groups. The effectiveness of CFRP wrapping on solid and hollow sample was compared and discussed.