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Aryafar, A., Ardejani, F. Doulati. & Baafi, E. Y. (2009). Groundwater recovery simulation for determination of post-mining lake formation at the Sangan iron mine, Mashhad, Iran. Journal of Geology and Mining Research, 1 (5), 111-117.


A two-dimensional axisymetric finite element software SEEP/W was used to simulate the groundwater recovery process in wells entirely confined in an aquifer at Sangan iron mine in Iran. The simulation model predicted very well with the results obtained from both analytical method and field data for well recovery process. It was inferred from the results that the rate of groundwater recovery process is highest immediately after mine closure with no dewatering program. The paper presents a methodology for predicting how the natural groundwater regime can be established to its equilibrium conditions after mining operation has ceased.

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