Performance analysis of VMC and CMCs of switch-mode converters for photovoltaic applications



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K. Hasan, A. Haque, M. Negnevitsky & K. Muttaqi, "Performance analysis of VMC and CMCs of switch-mode converters for photovoltaic applications," in IECON 2008, 2008, pp. 315-320.


The voltage mode control (VMC) technique of switchmode converters has been widely used in renewable PV system applications. The feasibility of the current mode control (CMC) techniques in PV applications is also promising because of the irregular nature of the PV source. This paper presents a comparative assessment of the VMC and four different CMCs of switch-mode converters for photovoltaic (PV) applications. Voltage control, average current control, current programmed control, hysteretic current control and nonlinear career control methods are considered in this paper. The feasibility of these control techniques has been investigated considering the input fluctuations and load variations. Transient analysis, parameter sensitivity and harmonic analysis of PV systems have been analyzed as well. The performance of the above controllers as PV converter controller has been investigated and compared for the same input conditions and circuit parameters.

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