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D''Souza, M., Wark, T. & Ros, M. B. 2008, ''Wireless localisation network for patient tracking'', International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing, IEEE, Sydney, Australia, pp. 79-84.


We present an inexpensive and robust wireless localisation network that can track the location of patients in an indoor environment and monitor their physical status i.e. walking, running, etc. Static nodes are placed at predetermined positions in a building. The static nodes are used to determine the presence of the user in an area of a building. The user carries a mobile node on them. The localisation network was implemented using the small sized Fleck Nano wireless sensor. This platform also measured a userpsilas inertial movement using a three-axis accelerometer sensor. We also compared our localisation network to a commercially available indoor wireless localisation and tracking system. Further work involves developing a multi-hypothesis testing model tracking users, prediction human motion events and investigating the wireless network requirements of supporting large numbers of active users.

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