A study on flow behavior of A-286 superalloy during hot deformation



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Salehi, A. R., Serajzadeh, S. & Yazdipour, N. (2007). A study on flow behavior of A-286 superalloy during hot deformation. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 101 (1), 153-157.


The hot deformation behavior of A-286 superalloy has been characterized using hot compression experiments in the temperatures between 1000 and 1100 °C and strain rates varying between 0.001 and 0.1 s−1. In addition, hot workability of this alloy has been analyzed by employing flow-localization parameter. The results show that both kinds of softening mechanism, dynamic recovery and dynamic recrystallization, occur during hot working, where at 1000 °C the main mechanism is dynamic recovery and at higher temperatures and strain rate of 0.001–0.01 s−1 dynamic recrystallization takes place. Calculations demonstrates that this alloy mainly have a good workability for the utilized deformation conditions however, at temperatures around 1050 °C critical conditions may be raised and flow localized region could be formed.

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