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Drogemuller, R. & Ding, L. (2006). Automated code checking and accessibility. In G. Aouad, A. Lee & S. Wu (Eds.), Constructing the Future: nD modelling (pp. 126-141). London: Routledge.


Ever since the introduction of architectural CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems, building designers have dreamt that the onerous' task of checking building designs for compliance with the relevant building codes and standards could be automated. The reasons for this are obvious - the Building Code of Australia (BCA), as an example, contains over 4,000 clauses filling several thousand pages of text. These clauses reference over 1,000 separate standards, with options available in the standards that need to be explicitly selected within the contract documentation. Failure to comply with provisions in the building code or the referenced standards can mean expensive rework on site or even after completion of the project This may have significant financial impacts on all parties involved in the building project.

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