Phase formation and magnetic properties of YFe12-xNbx (x=0.70-0.90) compounds



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Fuquan, B., Wang, J., Tegus, O., Dagula, W., Tang, N., Yang, F. M., Wu, G. H., Bruck, E., de Boer, F. R. & Buschow, K. H J. (2005). Phase formation and magnetic properties of YFe12-xNbx (x=0.70-0.90) compounds. Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials, 290-291 (P2), 1192-1194.


The phase formation and the magnetic properties of YFe12−xNbx(x=0.70–0.90) compounds have been investigated by means of X-ray diffraction and magnetization measurements. The powder X-ray diffraction patterns show that all compounds investigated crystallize single phase in the tetragonal ThMn12-type of structure. The lattice parameters and the unit-cell volume increase slightly with increasing Nb content, but the Curie temperature does not change. The X-ray-diffraction patterns of aligned powders of the samples show that all the compounds investigated have uniaxial anisotropy at room temperature. At 1.5 K, the spontaneous magnetization, the anisotropy field and the anisotropy constant K1 decrease with increasing Nb content.

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