SolTrack: An automatic video processing software for in situ interface tracking



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Griesser, S., Pierer, R., Reid, M. & Dippenaar, R. (2012). SolTrack: An automatic video processing software for in situ interface tracking. Journal of Microscopy, 248 (1), 42-48.


High-Resolution in situ observation of solidification experiments has become a powerful technique to improve the fundamental understanding of solidification processes of metals and alloys. In the present study, high-temperature laser-scanning confocal microscopy (HTLSCM) was utilized to observe and capture in situ solidification and phase transformations of alloys for subsequent post processing and analysis. Until now, this analysis has been very time consuming as frame-by-frame manual evaluation of propagating interfaces was used to determine the interface velocities. SolTrack has been developed using the commercial software package MATLAB and is designed to automatically detect, locate and track propagating interfaces during solidification and phase transformations as well as to calculate interfacial velocities. Different solidification phenomena have been recorded to demonstrate a wider spectrum of applications of this software. A validation, through comparison with manual evaluation, is included where the accuracy is shown to be very high. © 2012 Royal Microscopical Society.

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