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Jalalifar, H. & Aziz, N. (2012). Numerical simulation of fully grouted rock bolts. In M. Andriychuk (Eds.), Numerical Simulation: From Theory to Industry (pp. 607-640). USA: InTech.


This chapter describes the application of numerical modelling to civil and mining projects, particularly rock bolting, developing a Final Element (FE) model for the bolt, grout, rock, and two interfaces under axial and lateral loading, verifying the model, analysing the stress and strains developed in the bolt and surrounding materials. Numerical methods are the most versatile computational methods for various engineering disciplines because a structure is discritised into small elements and the constitutive equations that describe the individual elements and their interactions are constructed. Finally, these numerous equations are solved together simultaneously using computers. The results from this procedure include the stress distribution and displacement pattern within a structure. Numerical modelling includes analytical techniques such as finite elements, boundary elements, distinct elements, and other numerical approaches that depend upon the material. The finite element method "FEM" is considered to evaluate the behaviour of materials and their interactions in a fully grouted bolt which is installed in a jointed rock mass. The simulations were carried out by ANSYS code.

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