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This paper originally appeared as: Gandini, A, Weinstein, R, Park, D et al, A non-destructive, non-contact, quality test of critical current for Ag-BiSCCO tape, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, June 2003, 13(2)3, 3332-3334. Copyright IEEE 2003.


An accurate noncontact method of characterizing Ag-BiSCCO tape is reported, using the trapped field, B/sub t/, of a field-cooled tape. The dimensions of the tape make it possible to calculate in closed form a very simple expression, relating trapped field to transport current. Short lengths of tape, 4 cm, are used to experimentally confirm the model. The model applies to any length of tape for which length is greater than 5 times the tape width. A schematic of a proposed test apparatus is presented which should permit on-line testing for magnitude of the current, and for cracks, while the tape is in motion during production.

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