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McCarthy, T. J. & McCluskey, S. (2009). A particle swarm optimisation approach to reinforced concrete beam design according to AS3600. In B. Topping & Y. Tsompanakis (Eds.), Proceedings of the First International Conference on Soft Computing Technology in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering (pp. 1-14). Madeira, Portugal: Civil-Comp Press.


A program has been developed to utilise the Particle Swarm Optimisation Algorithm for the cost optimum design of reinforced concrete beams. Multiple constraints according to Australian Standard 3600 have been implemented along with costing information. A series of tests where conducted to investigate the effect of different parameters of the particle swarm algorithm and some refinement of these parameters was conducted. The value penalty coefficients had a significant effect on the results, causing non-convergence when very large penalty coefficients where used, and convergence on non-viable results when very small penalty coefficients where used.

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