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Cooper, P. & Bell, M. (2009). Peer observation of teaching: Engineering new skills and collegiality. Proceedings of the 20th Annual Conference for the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (AAEE 2009): Engineering the Curriculum (pp. 924-930). Australia: Australasian Association for Engineering Education.


Academics in a school of engineering at the University of Wollongong participated in a peer observation of teaching pilot program using a partnership approach. All participants subsequently completed a questionnaire and were interviewed about the characteristics and effectiveness of the program. The average time spent by the academics participating was approximately 5 hours. Participants’ evaluation of the program was overwhelmingly positive with outcomes including development of skills, ideas for teaching and giving feedback, and increased confidence. The development of collegiality within the peer observation partnership groups and the school was an especially strong outcome. All participants requested some kind of follow-up in the next semester or in the following year. Recommendations for similar programs in Engineering faculties and schools are provided.

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