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Chiaro, G., Koseki, J. & De Silva, N. L. I. (2013). An elasto-plastic model for liquefiable sands subjected to torsional shear loadings. Constitutive Modeling of Geomaterials (pp. 519-526). Beijing: Springer.


This paper presents a modeling procedure for simulating the monotonic undrained torsional shear behavior of sands, including stress-strain relationship, and excess pore water pressure generation, while considering the void ratio and stress level dependence of stress-strain-dilatancy behavior of sand. A unique set of soil parameters is required by the model to satisfactorily predict the undrained behavior of loose and dense Toyoura sand over a wide range of initial void ratios and confining pressures, as proven by simulating experimental data produced by the authors and found in the literature.

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