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Amako, K., Guatelli, S., Ivanchencko, V. N., Maire, M., Mascialino, B., Murakami, K., Nieminen, P., Pandola, L., Parlati, S., Pia, M. Grazia., Piergentili, M., Sasaki, T. & Urban, L. (2005). Comparison of Geant4 electromagnetic physics models against the NIST reference data. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 52 (4), 910-918.


The Geant4 Simulation Toolkit provides an ample set of physics models describing electromagnetic interactions of particles with matter. This paper presents the results of a series of comparisons for the evaluation of Geant4 electromagnetic processes with respect to United States National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST) reference data. A statistical analysis was performed to estimate quantitatively the compatibility of Geant4 electromagnetic models with NIST data; the statistical analysis also highlighted the respective strengths of the different Geant4 models.

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