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D. Sutanto & K. Ding, "Hybrid fuel cell and energy storage systems using superconducting coil or batteries for clean electricity generation," in International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices, 2009, pp. 365-368.


This paper described a novel design of a hybrid fuel cell and energy storage system using high temperature superconducting energy storage system (HT-SMES) or batteries to meet fast changing load. The power electronic switches in the converter of the energy storage system are controlled in such a way that the amplitude and waveform of the inverter output current from the fuel cell is tightly regulated to follow a sinusoidal reference waveform. In this way, the energy storage system is used to supply the fast changing part of the load and the fuel cell system continuously supplies a constant full load demand. The SABER simulation results during motor starting will be presented and discussed.

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