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Walker, R., Indraratna, B., and Sivakugan, N. (2009). ”Vertical and Radial Consolidation Analysis of Multilayered Soil Using the Spectral Method.” J. Geotech. Geoenviron. Eng., 135(5), 657–663.


A new, easy to implement, solution to the consolidation of multilayered soil based on the spectral method is presented. Combined vertical and radial drainage under instantaneous or single ramp loading is considered, ignoring well resistance. Flow in the vertical direction is based on the average hydraulic gradient at a particular depth which allows smear effects to be included. The excess pore-water pressure profile across all soil layers is described by a single expression calculated with common matrix operations. Average excess pore pressures within or across any number of layers are easily calculated from the single expression. The new model is verified against other solutions from the current literature indicating that the more general spectral method model can replace the separate solutions developed for specific problems.

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