An approach to unified trust management framework



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Zhao, W. & Varadharajan, V. (2010). An approach to unified trust management framework. In Collaborative Computer Security and Trust Management Chapt. 6 (pp. 111-134). United States of America: IGI Global.

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Collaborative Computer Security and Trust Management combines perspectives of leading researchers in collaborative security to discuss recent advances in this burgeoning new field. Practitioners, researchers, and academicians are presented with lessons learned by international experts to meet the new challenges of security in the global information age. Covering topics such as trust-based security, threat and risk analysis, and data sharing, this reference book provides a complete collection of the latest field developments.


In this chapter, the authors propose an approach with a unified framework for trust management with a consistent way to cover a broad variety of trust mechanisms including credentials, reputation, local data storage, and environment parameters. The trust request, trust evaluation, and trust consuming are handled in a comprehensive manner. The framework has a high extensibility to embrace established standards and new requirements. With the help of the proposed framework, the development of a trust management system in the real world can be automated to a substantially high level.

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