A study of rock bolting failure modes



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Cao, C., Nemcik, J. Anton., Ren, T. X. & Aziz, N. (2012). A study of rock bolting failure modes. International Journal of Mining Science and Technology,


Rock bolting has advanced rapidly during the past 4 decades due to a better understanding of load transfer mechanisms and advances made in the bolt system technology. Bolts are used as permanent and temporary support systems in tunnelling and mining operations. A review of has indicated that three systems of reinforcement devices have evolved as part of rock bolt and ground anchor while the rock is not generally thought of as being a component of the reinforcement system. A classification of rock bolting reinforcement systems is presented, followed by the fundamental theory of the load transfer mechanism. The failure mode of two phases of rock bolting system is formularised. The failure modes of cable bolting are discussed using a bond strength model as well as an iterative method. Finally, the interfacial shear stress model for ribbed bar is introduced and a closed form solution is obtained using a tri-line stress strain relationship.

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